Portfolio - Chiang Mai Museum Augmented Reality Mobile App

Our Concept

One of the main contraints of this project was the hugh scale of the mueseum and the large amounts of exhibits and its in-depth history. We have to think of a way to interact with the vistors and users as well at the same time, introduce the rich history of Chiang Mai, Thailand in a fun and exciting manner.

Our Strategy

We took the power of Augmented Reality technology and came out with the "Treasure Hunting" concept to engage the users to spur them into looking the "keys" hidden in the Markers and unlock 3D models, videos or audio information.

Walkthrough Video


Redesigned everything from the Scratch

Mobile Phones and Tablets

Created in mind for both Android and IOS smartphones and tablets users.

Engaging Concept

"Treasure Hunt" and find "Keys" to unlock information!

Multi Langugages

Available in English, Mandrain and Thai.

Check out some Screenshots

Lanna Folklife Centre Map Exhibit Example AR in Action 1 AR in Action 2

Revolutionary exprience when visitng ChiangMai Museum!

Be sure to own a copy of the app when you visit Chiang Mai Museum!

Team Experience

With help from Knowleadge and Innovation Centre , Chiang Mai , we had a chance to make this mobile app a reality. We would like to take this chance to thank them for providing us the equipments and manpower.

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